Who is Thea Ennen?

I sing and write to make a sense of my existence - my place in this world, in this body. Each song is a specific journey down a road that is either familiar or less traveled... they are my magic carpets to see again a memory or expectation. I use songs - melodies and words - to guide me, like a rudder through the waters of life. Sometimes I like to take a forgotten channel to the mouth of a secret lake.

I think I sing in public to reassure this kind of journey- to never lose touch with what is instinctual.
-Thea Ennen

Long a favorite is the club/coffee house circuit of the Midwest, piano-playing/singing/songwriting, Thea Ennen is an artist in every sense of the word. Her self-produced, self-penned "All Aboard" won her the Minnesota Folk Recording of the Year.

One might superficially classify Thea's music as countryfolk, but that would be selling her far to short. She is simply a wonderful songstress, with a penchant for creating music that is multi-textured, melodically rich and lyrically adept.
-"Album Network"

photo by Daniel Corrigan